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Tabs & Brackets

Our Starter Pack saves you approximately 25% compared to buying all the individual pieces. It really is a perfect builder kit for the start of any project.

Our Starter Pack includes the following:

• 2 PCS: 2-5/8″ Poly Bushing & DOM Housing Assembly

• 2 Pair: 2 Bolt Tube Flanges, 1-3/4″ diameter

• 2 Pair: Flat Bottom Tabs – Tapered

• 2 Pair: General Purpose Tabs

• 2 Pair: 1-1/2″ Diameter Large Offset Shock Tabs

• 10 PCS: Trick Tabs

• 1 Pair: 3″ Diameter Link Tab – Long

• 1 Pair: 3″ Diameter Link Tab – Medium

• 1 Pair: 3″ Diameter Link Tab – Short

This is it. Everything in one package for a great price, and not low end stuff just to be cheap either!

The kit is wrapped around 8 of our 1.25″ Heat Treated Chromoly Heims with stainless high misalignment, zinc plated jam nuts, and 1.5″ tube ID weld bungs… Definitely not some low end cartridge type joint.

The Upper Chassis brackets are our 10-35 Degree 5 Way Adjustable Tube Mount Link brackets. The Lower Chassis brackets are 10-35 Degree 3 way Adjustable Tube Mount Link brackets for optimum performance.

For the axle end we have our axle mount link brackets and our new truss that we have refined for more strength, all while shedding unneeded pounds.

On the truss we keep it simple with 4 of our 3/8″ thick flat bottomed link tabs. The only choice you need to make is if the truss needs to span a large third member (D60, D70, Sterling, Eaton, Dodge 9.75, etc…) or a medium sized third member (Ford 8.8, D44, Ford 9″, Toyota, etc…)

If you want more or to make changes, get in touch and we will do our best to make it happen. 

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