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Steering DIY Parts, Kits & Accessories

You must have fast input steering when you do any off-road, rock, and short course racing – this is what separates the best from the rest in the world of off-roading.

steering-boxYou want the steering wheel to move from center to lock in ¾ to 1 turn. This is called “fast input steering”. What it means is that when you are racing through the desert at a high speed and the vehicle steps out on you, you will have time to catch the vehicle thanks to fast steering while still keeping your foot on the gas to make sure you stay on top of those bumps and peaks.

Here at Offroad Perfection, we have a strong preference for Saginaw steering boxes. This is because Saginaw’s steering gears are versatile, functioning fully even if you are building a Ford twin I-beam style vehicle.

The Turn Key Ultimate Kit:
Turn Key Ultimate Kit is designed specifically for 2.5 ton 9″ Turn Radius Rockwell axles and features the SC-2217 (3″ bore 9″ throw) steering cylinder w/ steering valve that will be 4.2 turns full right turn to full left turn. Other parts can be substituted for items in this kit, but please note there can be some pricing differences. Please call us 780-201-2939 for further help.


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